They’re Real….and They’re Fabulous!

I threw the flowers he bought me right out the front door ….I didn’t want his stinkin’ store-bought flowers, and I told him so many times…SPECIFICALLY. “Do not get me Publix flowers. I’d rather get nothing than have you spend what little money we have on flowers from Publix.”

I said this clearly, loudly…repeatedly.

And yet, once again, it was my birthday, and he walked in from work holding the same tiger-lily bouquet he had been bringing home to me on every conceivable holiday that warranted a gift. The same tiger-lily bouquet that smelled atrocious and left piles of powdery brown pollen all over the table where I would set it.

I could no longer smile and pretend to be grateful for this token, this after-thought, this “Oh, Shit, it’s her birthday and I have to get her something.

Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, my birthday. Last minute, he runs into Publix, and assuages his guilt for having not put any thought into the holiday whatsoever. The flowers were more for him than for me, and I  would rather get nothing for my birthday than a token of someone else’s guilt.

Such a rushed, last-minute affair my birthday had become, he once ran out of Publix with his “present in hand,” jumped in his van to get home and promptly smashed into another vehicle. My birthday was just another errand to cross off the list on the hurried drive home from work.

And so, after my not-so-subtle rejection of his last foray into Publix, not surprisingly, he stopped buying me flowers. And gifts in general, for the most part. Years passed…and gift-giving tumbled down the ladder of importance.

And that was ok, because each and every day I wake up, holiday or not, I KNOW that Sam loves me – deep-down, true, magnificent love – and that is the most treasured gift of all.

But then there was the birthday of our first real employee, Daniel. Sam loved Daniel, and so for his birthday – BEFORE his birthday – as in, planned ahead of time – despite knowing him for only a few months, Sam bought him some man-type tool that cost $300.

THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS….and the best I had gotten was a $12 bouquet from Publix.

But I wasn’t bitter….

Ok. I was a little bitter….but I didn’t cry or anything…or throw it in his face every year on my gift-less birthdays…

…or maybe I did….

but this year…this year, my friends, my husband had planned ahead…and as my birthday fell on a Sunday this year, a man arrived on my doorstep on Friday delivering THE MOST BEAUTIFUL FLOWER ARRANGEMENT I HAVE EVER SEEN.

Birthday Flowers

Perfect for me colors…subtle hues of pinks, lavender and blues….hydrangeas, roses…I was truly surprised! I called my husband to thank him, and he said he had another gift for me and didn’t want to wait until my birthday….so he rushed home to give me the rest of my present, while the kids jumped up and down, more excited about me getting a gift than I could ever be….

and in he walked with a tiny box behind his back…and in that box were these….

Birthday Present

And they are real, and they are fabulous…..